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Shifting Jobs – A Quick Guide

A day in the sun

A day in the sun by ncanup

There are three things you should look for in a job.

1. Money – The money should be good, if not better. You should ideally get a little more than the market standard, if not, then even the market standard would do. There is no point in working for less, loyalty to the company be damned. If the company can’t recognize your talent and pay accordingly then chances are it will never recognize them.

2. Good work – You should have job satisfaction.period. In todays environment its difficult for organisations to always provide you with challenging work. Also, you’ll burnout if you are constantly working on challenging assignments. But there should be a healthy mix and match. Work should consist of normal mundane work with intermittent challenging work that helps you grow professionally.

3. Supportive, Open environment – Yes, you should have a good boss(es) who encourages you to grow, gives you adequate feedback when you are in error and stands by you in your difficult times. The same can be said for colleagues.

If any two of the above things are lacking in your current job then its time to quit and look elsewhere. But before you do that just reflect whether you have the attitude, skills and the drive to be a good employee in your current job. And lastly don’t burn any bridges before leaving; the world is a small place.

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